MBA Letter Requesting MDAR Pollinator Protection

Mass Bee President, Pete Delaney, has submitted a letter, as hearing testimony, in response to the results of the FY20 Budget Mandated Review of the science implicating neonicotinoid pesticides as a major contributor to the unsustainable nationwide losses of pollinators. The review determined that 42 of 43 of the impact-based studies reviewed cited neonicotinoid insecticides as a major contributor to pollinator declines. The review also specifically states that the only studies that had mixed results were industry-funded.

Pete’s letter requests that MDAR administratively implement the provisions and protections detailed in Representative Carolyn Dykama’s bill, H.763 – An Act to protect Massachusetts pollinators, legislation that Mass Bee has supported throughout several legislative sessions. Due to the COVID-19 situation, it is unlikely that the bill will make it to the floor during this session. Therefore, Representative Dykema believes that this is the best way to get these pollinator protection measures in place in a timely manner and asks that the beekeeping community support this initiative. She will be closely monitoring the situation to ensure that any action by MDAR fully implements the provisions of her legislation.

To view the letter please click HERE. Please feel free to use Pete’s letter as a template for submitting your own request to MDAR Director of Crop and Pest Services, Taryn Lascola-Miner at or to her mailing address at the top of the letter.