Dear Massachusetts Beekeeper/Supporter of Pollinators:

Massachusetts Beekeepers Association (MBA) is looking for your level of interest.

MBA is looking into creating a specialty license plate focused on pollinators (Pollinator plate) with the goal of increasing pollinator awareness and raise funds to further promote and protect pollinators. Several states have already created pollinator specialty license plates. A few examples of these license plates are shown below.

The price of the Pollinator plate would include a premium fee of $40 on top of the normal Massachusetts license plate fee.  The plates would be valid for a period of two years.  For the initial purchase of the Pollinator plate, roughly 60% of the premium fee would go to MBA; upon renewal after two years, 100% of the premium fee would go to MBA.

There are several steps required to obtain approval from the Commonwealth including posting a bond and coming up with a design for the plate, which MBA is willing to do.  However, there is a significant step and threshold that must be met before the application for a Pollinator plate can be submitted for approval which is obtaining 750 pre-orders; we cannot apply for the Pollinator plate until we have the 750 pre-orders.  Pre-orders consist of a completed application form for each plate along with a check for $40 for each; once the application is submitted to the Commonwealth the $40 fee is not refundable.

Before MBA continues to move forward and expending funds on a required bond and developing a design for the plate, we are asking all our members and county club members to provide us feedback on your level of interest in purchasing a Pollinator plate.

While we know your final decision may hinge on the actual look of the plate, we would like to know if you would be interested in purchasing a Pollinator license plate.  To express your interest and provide feedback, please click on the link below.

Please respond by June 30, 2020.

Once we have received and reviewed responses, we will decide on whether to move forward.

Thank you,

Pete Delaney President MBA