2017 Mass Bee Field Day  – NOTE NEW LOCATION

Field Day schedule of events and workshops

List of presenters as of 6/6

Keeping Honeybees Healthy

This year’s MBA Field Day theme is keeping hives healthy. Colony health requires productive Queens, nutritious food (pollen and nectar), and low levels of pests & disease. It also requires a healthy beekeeper capable of doing the work and staying ahead of potential problems. This has been the mission of Field Day; to review proven management, and introduce practical, new or forgotten, tasks that help both honeybees and beekeepers.

As beekeepers, we need to understand our goals for honeybee health. It starts with a description and mental picture of a healthy colony. We than need to be able to measure health, and learn the thresholds that tell us when intervention is required, followed by retesting to know when we have met our goals. Good health includes treatment and having a thorough knowledge of the legal and most beneficial techniques that help us maintain our goals. Finally, prevention is better than reacting to serious mite infestations, the resulting disease, or black bear predation. 2017 presenters will cover all of this and more.

All of us need to stay healthy. Proper lifting, and habits that prevent injury, protection when using treatments, and yes even protecting our bees from community anti-bee regulation. Modern beekeeping is a complicated business, no longer simply an individual activity, but best when beekeepers work together and share our best ideas. This happens at Field Day. The Franklin County Beekeepers and the Massachusetts Beekeepers’ Association hope you will join us June 17th at the UMass Agricultural Center (9AM-4PM) for a day of learning and talk about honeybee health.

Online registration –https://www.cognitoforms.com/MassachusettsBeekeepersAssociation/FieldDayRegistrationMembership

The Massachusetts Beekeepers Association is holding our annual FIELD DAY on Saturday, June 17, 2017. The event is hosted by Franklin County Beekeepers Association.


The UMASS AGRICULTURAL CENTER is a 70 acre “Living Classroom” located on the northeast
corner of the UMASS Amherst campus. The facility features Livestock, Fruit and Vegetable Gardens, Turf Management, Pollination Gardens and Landscaping areas. It hosts the State’s (MDAR) and UMASS research Apiaries.

Better Bee, Mann Lake, Brushy Mountain and other vendors will exhibit in the open area located adjacent to the main tent where everyone meets. Free Parking on site. Morning Coffee and Catered lunch will be available.

The theme of 2017 Field Day is Health Bees through Management. 45 minute presentation topics to include Mites, Nucs, Honey Production, Swarming, Feeding and Nutrition and many other interesting beekeeping subjects. There will be hives on site for field inspections.

Registration form can be found here: https://www.massbee.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Summer-Newsletter-2017.pdf