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Photo Contest

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Massachusetts Beekeepers Photo Contest

Introducing our new Mass Bee Photo contest to be held at the 2013 Spring Meeting.

The contest will be in 3 categories: sting

The Bee Hive:

The first one the honey bees working all type of plants such as clover, apple blossoms, golden rod, or any other plants no one think that they will work but do, interior of hive pictures showing queen, larva, hatching, etc. This includes pictures of swarming, clusters of swarms once they gather and swarm traps.

Honey Extraction:

Pictures telling a story about the extraction of honey, pollen, royal jelly, any other products the honey bee makes.  (photo on right is by Kathy Keatley Garvey)


All state and county events and shows, telling a story of what is being done to help other beekeepers and promoting beekeeping.

The contest will be at fall and spring State meetings of Mass Bee.

This October 2012 fall meeting will be the first showing of your photos and will be open to any photo that you have on file and willing to submit. Contest from that point on will be photos taken between Mass Bee spring and fall meeting to keep the photos currant with the change of year and seasons.All photos that are submitted will be for the use of Mass Bee for such things as On Line web page, calendars, or other publications of Mass Bee. A notation will be located at the bottom of each photo of who took the photo as to receive credit for it.

The photos shall be 8 x 10. Prefer them to be in a frame and or matted frame for protection, of course this will not be a judging item. Pictures will be judge by its clarity and story telling function of the subject being shot.

All photos that have been presented and stored on a digital device should accompany with the photo in the contest to be copied on a PC for Mass Bee usage.On the back of the photo tape an index card with your Name, where the photo was taken, and a brief explanation of the photo.